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Terrace Leakage Survey

Terrace Leakage is a common occurrence in buildings, especially high-rise buildings.

In Bhandup, Mumbai a residential tower was facing leakage issues in all the top-floor apartments in the rainy season. The penetration of leakage was spread throughout the ceiling in varying degrees leading to dripping of water in certain locations, especially in the rainy season.

A detailed survey was carried out of all the top floor premises in the building involving removing of suspended ceiling in one case where in the extent of leakage was very high.

The careful mapping of all leakage spots, and their patterns through a thermal scanner for water leakage detection along with a recording of differential moisture levels with the help of a Moisture Meter to identify the intensity of dampness in the walls and ceiling. This was done as a first step in resolving the leakage.

The terrace floor and all facilities there of including the parapet walls were checked and the impact of certain architectural features was not with respect to the heights as well as projections from the main building line.

The information recorded and the analysis carried out during and after the surface led to a proper understanding of all the source points of le

akages/seepages from the terrace. A road map was prepared which could surely give a long-lasting solution to the building. A report explaining the Proper selection of appropriate base material and workmanship required for long- lasting impact of the

was provided.


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