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Ultrasonic water leakage detection works on the principle of acoustic sensers identifying fluctuations in noise that is imperceptible to human hearing within a process environment. The Ultra Sonic leak detector is able to detect through sensors ultra sound frequencies excluding frequencies audible to human ear.

The process of Ultrasound water leak detection involves three primary stages:

  1. Locating pipe lines to be checked under the finished surface.

  2. Listening with a sensor and electronic gadget to confirm location of sound fluctuations.

  3. Analysing the data collected to identify the likely source point of leaks

Modern Construction Techniques and use of materials demand of changing lifestyles has facilitate the presence of increased wet room/floor area in residential. Commercial as well as industrial buildings. The linear stacking of wet rooms particularly in high rise building leads to increased pressure on the pipe lines and the passage of water leak over number of floors. While detection techniques like moisture meter, thermography, colour test help us in identifying the zones of leakage.

Ultrasonic sound water leakage detectors help in locating the exact spot of leakage based on variation in sound.

The process should be verified by re-run of the diagnostic steps to ensure minimal errors. Once the spots of leakage are confirmed corrective actions should be recommended which may involve breaking the finished surface to repair the spot of leakage involving skilled masons and plumbers.

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