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Moisture Meter


Moisture Meter is a hand held device that works on the principle of electrical resistance to measure the percentage of moisture content (by measuring the conductivity between the pins)

Moisture meter helps in measuring the level of moisture in various kinds of rigid surface, thereby assisting in identifying the level of penetration of water which leads to potential damages in the structure.

The process of moisture detection involves pressing of the pins (pointed to penetrate rigid surfaces) against the wall or any other surfaces including wood to get instant readings. This is a massive process. The pin-type moisture meter is the best way to identify the exact location of moisture built up and is an effective way to determine between surface and core moisture content.

Moisture meters are the 1st line of detection of leakages and when combined with gadgets like thermal cameras, wall detectors and the ultrasonic invasive device can help in identifying the leakage spots and diagnosing the exact source of leakage to assist in solving the problem.

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