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Detecting Leakage due to capillary action

The presence of leakages visible close to the skirting level is common place in modern apartments that house multiple wet rooms in proximity. The challenge is to detect the actual source of leakage as the plumbing lines are concealed and the source of leakage can be from the wall as well as floor.

In case of wall dampness wherein the height of the affected wall with the wet patch is within 2’0”, the likelihood of leakage source is from the floor tiles of the wall in terms of the damp patch is upwards of 4’0” height it is likely that the source is a water supply line.

Water Leakage detection services will help to detect leakage which has caused dampness in multiple walls and or in walls up to 4’0” and above. We recommend the use of a combination of gadgets, which may include a moisture meter, thermal scanner, and wall and floor detectors. The leakage source from water supply pipes can be further zoomed to the exact spot by involving an

Modern living is a complex of services, whether it is homes or a place of work, it relies on modern technology to help you use the facilities without discomfort and disruption.

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