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We offer Leak detection services which gives a complete diagnosis of water leakages in the internal and externals of the building. Leakage Survey H20 has experience in the field of leakage detection over 20 years. To identify the source of leakage we offer services with the infra-red thermal surveymoisture meterwall and floor detector.


We use moisture meter to check the dampness in the walls and floors.

Thermal Scanner

Thermal Scanner.jpg

Thermal Scanning helps to identify pathways that water take and accumulation points


Moisture Meter

Wall and Floor Detector

Wall and floor detector helps us to identify the different lines like electric, plumbing etc


Ultra Sonic leakage Detector

Ultrasonic water leakage detection works on the principle of acoustic sensers identifying fluctuations in noise that is imperceptible to human hearing within a process environment.


Wall and Floor Detector

Pipe Dector.jpg

Wall and Floor Detector helps us to identify the different lines like electric, plumbing etc



Mahesh G founder 

is an Architect, with over  more than 25 years of field experience. With the passion and understanding of build form and strong desire for sparkling buildings, concept of Leakage Survey H2o was coined in to understand the root cause of leakages and eradicating them.




Dilemma of people facing water leakage expressed in the form of poem: 

Here I live, I work, I dream

Reflecting my moods,

Occupying my senses

All are welcome, but nor Mr. Leak, as when it comes,

It takes shine away from my dream.

It takes hope away from my aspirations,

It gives not, but a patch and I see my dream fade.

Mr. Leak knocks,

O’er my head, drop by drop

Through the wall,

Less in shine, more in rain

From the windows, even when it’s closed.

Near the floor, for no gravity can hold.

Alas all o’er my dream

My home is shelter,

Else world but an island


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We have surveyed about 200 residential  and commercial buildings selected few names for reference:-

Arya Samaj. Mulund( W)


Atlantic CHSL, Bandra(W)


Beau Monde Tower A CHSL, Prabhadevi


Dhaivat CHSL, Mulund( W)          


Himmat Mulund CHSL, Mulund( W) - 2 wings


June Blossoms CHSL, Bandra (W)


Kafi CHSL, Thane(W) - 3 wings


Krishna Kunj Darshan CHSL, Thane( W) - 2 wings


Mahindra Eminente CHSL, Goregaon( W) - 4 wings


Palm Beach Residences CHSL, Navi Mumbai - 6 wings


Parkwoods Bi CHSL, Thane( W)


Rosa Classique CHSL, Thane(W) - 3 wings

Sarkar Heritage CHSL, Bandra( W)            


Shailaja CHSL, Ghatkopar(E) - 2 wings


Shree Chamunda Heights, Shivaji Park


Premier Residences. J CHSL, Kurla( W)

Mohan Greenwoods, Badlapur

Waterproofing Survey


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