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Leakages in the lift detected with thermal scanner for leakage detection

Leakages in the lift shat leads to compounded inconvenience. Firstly, tracking the source can be a stretched task as lift shafts are concrete walls. The leakage can be due to rains (seasonal) or due to a source within the building either immediately floor above or through multiple floors. The problem is compounded largely due to the fact that the leakage may result in stopping the use of the lift which can lead to inconvenience in buildings with the limited number of lifts.

It is best to get the exact source detected with the help thermal scanner for water leakage to identify the pattern as well as points of concentration of leaks from the best water leakage detection services. Further, we need to identify the services and MS Bars that would be working as pathways for the water to pass through the concrete walls and ultimately leak at the portion within the shaft.

Once the affected area and the pathways are mapped the search for a source can lead to the most obvious within the range of leak to the most obvious within the range of leak to the most unexpected regardless of whether it is a rain related leakage or otherwise. An important aspect of treatment post-diagnosis involves sealing the paths/gaps in the walls by injection grouting to avoid the recurrence of leakage through other sources over time.

For the complete diagnosis of leakage in lift shaft with state of art leakage detection devices contact


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