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How to locate water leakage in your house?

I have had leakage for a while now. I involved a plumber, mason and a waterproofing person but the leakage simply hasn’t stopped.

Where is the leakage coming from? Where is the source of leakage? Multiple attempts at resolving the leakage from likely sources above have all been in vain.

If this is your experience, worry not, its time to look further, its time to involve an experienced leakage detection services in Mumbai who will visit your premises, understand the patterns of leakage in your premises and sequentially check for the various sources of leakage in the facilities above, above adjacent and or at multiple levels above.

The detection of these sources is done with physical examination and the use of gadgets like

1. Moisture meter (to check the actual level of dampness in %),

2. Thermal scanner for water leakage to detect the patterns and area of water concentration,

3. Wall and floor scanner (to check for the presence of concealed services, support, reinforcement steel) that may be the path water takes to travel down. And

4. Ultrasonic leak detector to identify exact spots of leakage in the plumbing lines).

It is said that ‘specific is terrific’. If you know the specific source of leakage your will be able to resolve the issue with specific treatments only and this will prevent large scale breaking of facilities. Doesn’t this sound terrific?

For all your, prolonged/persistent leakages call us at #9821004277 or visit our website:

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